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The home for the Bazoons
By: Camila Carames 

Basic Data

In the Gamma Quadrant of the galaxy is found a star called "Popo". Near the star, orbits the Franpiercam planet, which drifts past the star frequently. One day in this planet would last about 15 hours a day and a year in this planet would consist of 35,500 days. The size of this Franpiercam is also 7 times bigger that the earth’s normal size, and the gravity on this planet is 2 grams and on earth it's 20 grams. Also, the distance from the earth to Franpiercam would be of 35,000 light years. This planet is a combination of colors that include blue, pink and purple. The purple is because of the color of its oceans due to the pollution of the Bazoons, the people, from the flying cars.  On the other hand, the pink is the organic land where the Bazoons recollect the “Fushi”. The “Fushi” is a furry corn-like crop that is all they eat. Last but not least, the blue on Franpiercam is the barely polluted oxygen or gas that the Bazoons breathe in every day. Many of them are becoming ill for the congestion formed by the strong air. Also, the days in the planet are very cold, grey and dark. Also, the Bazoons are very cheerful and they always look at the bright side of everything. They also have a democracy where all rules are followed and there is harmony between every one of the people running it. In addition, the Franpiercam is a planet where technology is very advanced. Franpiercam is a planet where everyone is welcome and everybody is treated charmingly.

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